Link the World and Accelerate Ideas in Web3.0

INC DAO expects to manage valuable assets in a decentralized way; every long-term oriented blockchain project will be able to enjoy the most cost-effective resources and working methods.

Project Evolution Camp

Four-to-eight week Evolution Camp will be hosted quarterly. Projects graduated from the Camp will attain alumni status.

Investment Club

Investment Club is for qualified investors to share deals and discuss investment strategies.

Product Design Den

Polish product logics with experienced product managers, UI/UX designers, and etc.

Developer Hub

Technology DreamWorks for engineers, who would be able to match with ideal teammates and partners to bring ideas to life.

Three types of NFT based on the roles within the DAO

Responsible for planning events, managing community, and other functions for community building.


Responsible for incubating and providing support for projects in areas such as financing, marketing, operation, product designing, etc.


Web3 project founders who passed the Evolution Camp and recevied the Alumni NFT with a solid web3.0 project consists of a clear roadmap and execution abiltiies.


INC DAO will consummate the ecosystem whenever and wherever, as long as the web3.0 industry is still growing. The following components will be set up to make the ecosystem more complete:

· Funding Pool

· Hackathon

· Operation Rewards Mechanism

· Modularized Evaluation Mechanism

· Product Design Competition

· Alumni Matching System

· Launchpad

· On-chain Community

· Off-chain Community

Enter the DAO

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Access to online and offline communities


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